Why am I not seeing any urinary volume data on the DFree app?


Check the following:

(1) Has it been 1 hour or more since last urination?

(2) Are you sitting shallow in a chair when measuring?

(3) Are you moving the sensor slowly to adjust its position?

(4) Is the ultrasound gel still wet?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, please try locating your pubis bone again with your finger and place the sensor 0.5” above it.

Note: The ultrasound sensor on DFree may not be able to accurately track and collect data from the bladder with certain types of users with the following conditions:

- Excessive fat or loose/flabby skin in the lower abdomen area - Scar from previous surgery or injury

- Problems accumulating urine in the bladder

- Prone to rashes from use of medical tape and ultrasound gel - Pregnant

- Underage (6 or younger - bladder may be too small to accurately collect data)

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