Meet DFree®

The first wearable device for urinary incontinence

DFree continuously monitors your bladder and sends timely notifications to your phone when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Used in over 500 senior care communities since 2017

Who is it for?

DFree is designed for use by hospitals, skilled nursing and senior care communities to provide residents and patients with timely toileting care.

Avoiding accidents and getting to the bathroom on time is a constant concern for all. DFree sends the caregiver advance notifications so he/she can help a patient/resident get to the bathroom in ample time. DFree also supports self-toileting by predicting when to go to the bathroom.

How does it work?

DFree monitors the bladder, predicts when your bladder is full, and sends alerts to go the bathroom.

Safe and Non-Invasive

DFree uses a harmless and non-invasive ultrasound sensor to monitor the bladder.

Easy to use

Simply secure the ultrasound sensor using a supplied medical tape to your lower abdomen.

All the data in one place

DFree app tracks changes in bladder, records urination timings, and sends alerts for bathroom visits.

Track multiple patients

The DFree app can track multiple patients on a single screen so you can know which patients need toileting care.

Detailed analysis

The DFree web-based dashboard can show patients' urination timings at a glance using a chart.

Record care activities

Care providers can record time and types of toilet care provided for each bathroom visit.

Remote patient monitoring

Access patient data remotely via Internet enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for care providers


Up to 30% reduction in care time provided.*


Up to 50% reduction in cost of diapers and pads.*

Improved Quality of Care

Allows you to provide assistance at the right time to improve quality of care.

• Data above are based on results from use in senior care facilities. Results may vary.

Benefits for patients

Improved Quality of Living

Allow your residents and patients to live without worries.

More Confidence

Give your residents and patients confidence and enthusiasm to participate in daily life activities.

Better Communication

Enable better communication with your residents and patients by knowing when they need your support.

Millions of seniors and people with disabilities suffer from urinary incontinence everyday. We believe that having control of your senses is the key to independence and a better life.


Testimonials from Senior Care Facilities

"DFree bladder monitoring and notification features have positively impacted the bathroom routine of our patients with incontinence.  With DFree, our caregivers are able to know exactly when they need to take patients to the bathroom. This has allowed our caregivers to allocate more time to other activities."

Kazu Kotani, Administrator,
OC Kaigo Homes (Residential care facility for seniors in Laguna Hills, California)