What should I do if I am not able to pair the DFree device with my smartphone or tablet?


Please make sure that your DFree is fully charged and unplugged for pairing.  (You do not need to have your DFree on your body at this time.)

Please follow the steps below for pairing:

Please follow the steps below to start using DFree.

  1. Open DFree Personal app
  2. Log-in
  3. Tap on Menu (lower right corner)
  4. Tap on DFree device setting 
  5. Tap on the Unpair button (If you do not see Unpair, proceed to step below.)
  6. Tap on the Connect button.  Then, press (and hold down) the DFree’s power button for 3 seconds or until connected.
  7. If successfully connected, you should see "connected" next to DFree connection status on the DFree app.

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