Ultrasound proving to be effective overactive bladder treatment

Living with an overactive bladder can be an isolating experience—because of the stigma attached to this very common condition, many people hesitate to seek out the tools that could drastically improve their way of life. 

Triple W is a technology company that has successfully come up with a unique  way to manage urinary incontinence, and in doing so they have won awards  and global media attention. 

If you are someone who is evaluating options an overactive bladder treatment , you might find treatment costs and invasive procedures, quite intimidating.

Depending on your medical history, age, and a  range of factors, pharmaceuticals and surgery may not be the best option for you.

If you are seeking a solution for a friend or family member that has an overactive bladder condition, helping them regain their confidence and dignity is your first thought. 

Many people hesitate to seek out the tools that could drastically improve their way of life
Why did Triple W design the DFree®?

For Atsushi Nakanishi, CEO of Triple W Japan and founder of DFree, independence, control over ones’ bathroom routine, and better self-awareness all come down to one thing: dignity. That’s why he and his team made it their mission to help those living with incontinence to have a better quality of life

DFree is an innovative, non-invasive wearable device that tracks bladder fullness with ultrasound technology. It helps the wearer, or their caregiver, better understand their bladder’s capacity so they can make it to the bathroom on time. For many DFree users, this newfound understanding can make a world of difference. 

DFree’s innovative approach and technology to urinary incontinence management have garnered the team an impressive range of awards since their inception.

Independence, control over one’s bathroom routine, and better self-awareness all come down to one thing: dignity
Overactive bladder treatment readily accepted by tech industry 

Triple W received the 2019 DEVIES award for the DFree. 

In addition to recognizing innovation, this award also looks at a product’s reception within the developer community. Nakanishi received the DEVIES award during DeveloperWeek 2019, which saw an attendance of 8,000 people. This award highlights the importance of creating products that not only serve a need, but also integrate well with current technology and best practices. 

It demonstrates Triple W’s genuine commitment to creating and refining a product that addresses the challenges that those with overactive bladder deal with on a daily basis.

Triple W also received the iPhone’s Best of CES 2019 Award for the DFree device and its accompanying software. DFree’s app makes it easy for the wearer of the DFree or their carer to track alerts about bladder fullness. This means that DFree users don’t need any additional hardware or medical equipment to monitor the data that comes from the device — they can do it right from their phone or tablet. 

The CES Award is given to a technology that is “forward-thinking and useful.” Since DFree’s hardware and software quite literally change the way that people with overactive bladder live their lives, it makes sense that CES would acknowledge their work in 2019.

The IHS Markit Innovation Award recognizes innovation in fitness, wearables and health devices as a category, and in 2019 DFree was the recipient. The DFree device is the first wearable device for incontinence and its innovation begins a new chapter in overactive bladder treatment; as such many of the awards it has received have recognized it for its departure from past options.

Triple W also received the Best of CES Award for Digital Health and Fitness Category. This award, in addition to recognizing innovation and technology, also acknowledged the DFree’s high-quality design and response to market need. The relatively affordable price of the DFree device (now down from $499.99 to $399.99), when compared to costly surgeries and expensive pharmaceuticals, makes it a more accessible option for much of the population.

As a wearable, it also requires very little setup, and can be done by the user on their own. This reduces the wait time, risk, and complexity that is associated with other overactive bladder treatment options.

Triple W was named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Fitness, Sports and Biotech” category. This nomination aims to highlight technology that tests, monitors and tracks a variety of physical markers related to health and wellness. DFree combines ultrasound technology with easy-to-use software that helps the user better understand, and regain a sense of control over their own body. 

Triple W won second place for the Innovative HME Retail Product Award in 2018. This award identifies leading designers in home medical equipment that can be sold in retail. Yet again, DFree is recognized for their accessibility, as this high-quality piece of equipment can easily be bought in-store or online without a complicated referral process. 

The DFree device is the first wearable device for incontinence and its innovation begins a new chapter in overactive bladder treatment
DFree in the news

Publications and news outlets around the world have followed suit in recognizing this innovative option for overactive bladder treatment. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS News, and a wide range of industry publications have identified the DFree device as a game changer when it comes to incontinence treatment. 

The DFree was named in 3D Insider’s “12 Best Wearable Tech Gadgets of 2019" HME Business identified the DFree as a product that can help seniors live safely in their own homes; Venture Beat applauded Triple W as the innovator that cares about older people” and Digital Trends wrote about DFree as a product of out-of-box thinking.

It’s no surprise that DFree has taken so many industries and markets by storm—the device has started public conversation about what was once a very private, and subsequently challenging, issue. DFree brings to light an often invisible condition, and at the same time sets a new standard for overactive bladder treatment that is safe, affordable, innovative, and keeps the user firmly in mind at each step of design. 

Venture Beat applauded Triple W for “finally caring about older people

DFree is available to either buy or rent. Discover how and why it works today.